"...Where A Powerful Product Meets A Powerful Purpose..."

FreshVisions Youth Theatre Company (FVYTC) is based in Philadelphia's lower Germantown section and its mission is the transformation of kids and community through the performing arts. We operate year-round presenting a regular season of youth-performed productions and special projects with our youth and adult components. We also give continuous classes in acting and dance. FreshVisions has earned praise from across the region for the excellence and quality of its productions and the transformative power of its mission. For twenty years we have made a positive difference in the lives of scores of children, while enriching the greater community with skilled, exciting and powerfully performed theatre that delights and engages audiences of all ages.

FreshVisions has two programs: the Fresh Visions’ Youth Troupe for beginner/intermediate level students and the FreshVisions’ Players for more advanced professional level students. Enrollment is now limited to twenty-five students total per term, but greater financial resources will enable us to serve many more young people.

Young people in both programs take classes in drama and dance, and either perform or apprentice in theatre production work. Classes are held after school and on Saturdays, the tuition for beginner/intermediate students is $650 per year. This fee can be paid in installments, and some Youth Troupe members are on a reduced sliding scale fee according to ability to pay.

There is no screening process to become part of our theatre. Within our budgetary limitations we accept every child regardless of his or her skill level, experience, or the physical, mental, or social challenges they bring to the theatre. We are in fact, committed to making sure children who face special difficulties or obstacles have the same opportunities as their peers.

Senior Staff
We consider ourselves fortunate to have the leadership and inspiration provided by out principals--Bruce Robinson as the founder and executive director of FreshVisions and Thom Wilkins as associate director. Bruce was the executive artistic director of our predecessor organization the Mitchell-Robinson Youth Theatre for 15 years assuming the bulk of the teaching and directing responsibilities . He wrote three of that company’s most acclaimed plays which continue to be part of FreshVisions’ stable of plays, Cocoa Brown and the 7 Homies; Marching to Freedomland, and Alicia in Ghettal-Land. He is a former winner of the KYW’ TV 3 “People Making a Difference Award’ and the Barrymore Award for Theatre Excellence in "Education and Community Service."

Thom serves as a teacher, in-house writer/director and technical advisor. A thirty-five year veteran of the performing arts, he has taught at such institutions as Temple University, New Freedom Theatre, Point Breeze Performing Arts Center, Smith College, and The Working Theatre in New York City. He has acted in films and in plays in many regional theatres. His directing credits include Raisin in the Sun, The Amen Corner, The Wait, and Day of Absence.

Together with other theatre professionals Bruce and Thom offer training at the highest professional level in a program that is affordable and fun and that offers continuous performance opportunities. We stage three or four productions during the school year; productions usually run on three successive weekends and allow our students to display their skills and draw the deserved applause of their friends, parents, and community.

FreshVisions Youth Theatre Company has a long record of success at both producing quality youth theater and for turning out graduates ready for the demands of adult life.



A program of the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition