"...Where A Powerful Product Meets A Powerful Purpose..."

History and Mission

FreshVisions Youth Theatre's mission is the transformation of youth through the arts. We offer African American children from the historically underserved Lower Germantown community of Philadelphia access to high-level and rigorous training in the dramatic and performing arts. This training is combined with continuous performance opportunities for these children to display the skills they have acquired to audiences of their peers, parents, and neighborhood supporters. Our participants range in age from 5-17. We provide an arts and culture program that is affordable and fun for children even as they benefit from the talents of theater professionals who have learned through long experience how to bring out the best in young people who have been often underestimated in their abilities and ambitions.

FreshVisions has been developing and nurturing young community theatre professionals for 20 years, first as the Mitchell-Robinson Youth Theatre and then as FreshVisions. Our work has been acclaimed throughout the Greater Philadelphia area both for the excellence and quality of its product and the unique power of its mission. Our youth performers have given hundreds of shows at theatres, schools, colleges, and social agencies and have made a positive impact on thousands of children and teenagers in our city. Under the aegis of the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, FreshVisions operates out of the historic Germantown Theater Center which serves as its home theater and has enjoyed the support of individuals, churches and community organizations.